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Ranger Pilot
Blair Hoult

See, Learn, Be involved

“For half my life I have lived in Haast. I came here as I loved the outdoors! I feel Haast is New Zealand’s best kept secret. With glacial valleys, snow capped mountains and the rich Tasman sea this place has it all. When I was 21 I become a Ranger. I couldn’t believe I was working in the mountains and in the Haast marine environment. My job took me everywhere! I specialized in working with Haast Tokoeka. I trained a kiwi dog called Tussock and together we have spent years searching for the last Tokoekas in the mighty rainforests and mountains.

Over time we developed radio transmitters that are fitted to kiwi to tell us if they are ok and breeding. It’s incredible technology which meant we were able to monitor more kiwi. As the Kiwi live incredibly remotely it was decided that fixed wing aircraft is the tool of choice to extract the data. Believe me this saved my poor legs to no end! As luck would have it I was a pilot and so became my job as a ranger pilot.

I feel incredibly fortunate to do this for my job. I also love people and feel that by sharing this amazing opportunity with you we all win.

Join me for an adventure. And together we keep our national icon, the kiwi.”



Plane Wash
Catching Kiwi
Blair Hoult Pilot